Newsletter Sept 2016

New Slider Editor


We are pleased to announce we have a new Slider Editor. Many dealers have been looking forward to this and we've completed Beta testing with great success. Its ready to go!

The “Slider” is our term for the animated banner that appears near the top of your homepage and has multiple images that travel across the entire page. Many of you feature O.E.M  time sensitive promotions here.

Now it's as easy as uploading an image. In fact that is all you need to do now. Using File Manager, if you opt in, there will be a folder called “Sliders”. Open it up. Click the Upload button and/or Delete any unwanted banners and you're done.  For more detailed Walk-through click here:

If you would like your website to include the Slider Editor, please reply with “YES I WOULD LIKE THE SLIDER EDITOR” and we'll set you up right away.


Responsive Upgrade to Manage Ads 

The Manage Ads grid in the Inventory System is now Tablet friendly. 

Use your iPad or Tablet to take photos and add inventory. 





Fast In-Line Editing  

Make changes in an instant. 

For quick editing of; Title, Price, Stock #, Year, Model, In-Stock, Hidden, Sold or Ad Groups.
You can simply click on the pencil icon in the row you want to edit. Make your edit then click on the Save icon. It's that easy! 

This is especially handy for when you need to mark an item as Sold, in a hurry.