Inventory Management Solutions For Dealerships

Inventory Management Solutions for all of your new products.

State of the Art New and Short Line Inventory Showroom Management Tools

  • Retailers need to develop an understanding of how consumer behaviors are evolving and the impact of these changes on consumer expectations both in and outside of the physical retail location. The customer experience is changing: they are constantly connected to the internet through smart, portable, and highly usable devices; they are in control of the technology they use and also expect the latest technology from retailers.
  • Why would you not list everything you have to sell from all of your suppliers, Not just your main lines?
  • We create all of your new product lines, even your short lines - No one does this within the industry - We offer more than 200 OEM product lines giving you by far the best chance of being found when someone searches Google for any of the products you may sell.
  • Easy to use, fill-in-the-blank details - creates a professional display ad for all of your used in minutes inclusive of images, videos, specification sheets everything your customer needs to make a buying decision that much easier..
  • Image uploads are fast, quick and require no special tools.
  • You can easily upload all types of documents to make the process far easier. Word Docs, PDF's, Excel spreadsheets. Details matter!
  • Do you really want to link to your OEM so your customers can shop you on the phone by price?
  • Post your ads quickly and easily even embed You Tube videos and more using our own state of the art solution...Turn Key Web Solution delivers the key for you to get your share of the market, to easily manage your inventory properly, save time, save money and get your business sharing the wealth that the internet has to offer.

    You really need to see it - seeing is believing! 
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