Reporting & Statistics - Why is this important?

Understanding your visitor’s traffic patterns can better position campaigns - It’s critical to understand.

All Dealer Performance web sites are set up with a Google AnalyticTM service and recieve Google Webmaster ToolsTM reports to give you a better understanding of your website traffic and overall effectiveness. Find the audience you want.

Google AnalyticsTM services and Google Webmaster ToolsTM reports helps reduce your customer acquisition costs. It helps you determine your media spending  goes right to your best-performing channels.

Know your audience

No two people think exactly alike. An account with Google AnalyticsTM service and Google Webmaster ToolsTM reports helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs, wherever they are along the path to purchase.
Track all incoming traffic, unique visitors, and much more with Google AnalyticsTM service, easy to use tools and the power of Google Webmaster ToolsTM reports.  All of our Dealer Performance Packages track statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and captures new opportunities via the Internet. We deliver performance and results you can measure easily while performing your day to day functions within a dealership.

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