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2019 Yamaha YFZ450R

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Boasting ultimate race-bred technology, the YFZ450R has earned the reputation of seeing the checkers before any of its competitors. The YFZ450R continues this legacy by offering unmatched power delivery and rider exhilliration, leaving the opposition running back to the drawing boards.

2019 YFZ450R Blue POWER


  • 449cc, liquid-cooled, 5-valve (titanium valves), fuel injected single produces championship winning power
  • Assist & slipper clutch reduces the effects of engine braking for more precise cornering & improved suspension function, while the assist function reduces lever effort for less arm pump & fatigue

2019 YFZ450R Blue TERRIANABILITY Suspension

  • Fully adjustable KYB piggyback front shocks feature dual rate springs and provide 250 mm (9.8") of wheel travel
  • Long "Wide Arc" front A-arm design reduces changes in camber as the suspension travels through its full range of motion for optimum handling & suspension performance.
  • Fully adjustable KYB piggyback rear shock is mated to a lightweight aluminum swingarm and provides 280 mm (11") of wheel travel.



  • Tools-free installation & removal of front & rear fenders for easier cleaning & servicing
  • Roomy ergonomics for the active rider or racer, making weight shifting fast & easy
  • Tapered handlebars are mounted to 4-way adjustable handlebar clamps providing a total of 30 mm (1.2") of fore - aft adjustability.


 Features & Benefits
  • 449cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 5-valve (titanium), single
    • proven reliability & excellent durability
    • championship winning torque & horsepower
  • Electric starting.
    • includes auto decompression system for fast, easy starts
    • can be re-started in any gear
  • DOHC, 5-valve cylinder head design with 11.8:1 compression ratio.
    • 3-intake (27 mm) & 2-exhaust (28 mm) titanium valves provide maximum breathing efficiency
    • shim under bucket valve actuation for extended valve adjustment intervals
  • Lightweight titanium valves use load-reduced valve springs.
    • lightweight titanium reduces reciprocating weight & allows for a higher rpm limit
    • titanium valves are 40% lighter than steel valves
    • load reduced valve springs reduce frictional losses
  • Lightweight, high performance hollow camshafts.
    • cam profiles provide excellent torque & horsepower in the mid to high rpm range
  • Lightweight, short-skirt, forged aluminum piston.
    • lightweight design means faster throttle response
    • reduced mechanical vibration for excellent durability
  • Lightweight, "liner-less" ceramic composite plated aluminum cylinder.
    • no heavy sleeve or liner, plating is sprayed directly on the aluminum block
    • ceramic coating insures faster, more uniform heat dissipation
    • ceramic coating enhances the thin film of oil between cylinder & piston, reducing friction & increasing power
  • Lightweight gear driven engine balancer shaft.
    • reduces engine vibration for improved rider comfort & reduced rider fatigue
  • Dry sump lubrication system.
    • design helps reduce oil-starvation at high g-loads
    • no deep oil pan means engine is lower in the chassis for optimum handling & reduced centre of gravity
    • replaceable element style oil filter
  • 42 mm Mikuni throttle body fuel injection system with TPS & ISC.
    • 12 hole injector for optimum fuel atomization for maximum power output
    • TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) is used to more precisely calculate the fuel injection quantity for optimum power & excellent throttle response at all rpms
    • ISC (Idle Speed Control) helps ensure a steady idle even during warm up
    • light action throttle lever means less fatigue during long motos.
    • other fuel injection benefits include; excellent throttle response, choke-free starting, steady idle during warm-up & reduced emissions
  • "No tools required" air box with washable dual stage foam air filter.
    • washable foam filter features tool-free access for fast servicing
    • dual stage design provides maximum filtering
    • no tools required air box drain
  • Compact 5-speed manual transmission with reverse.
    • optimized gear ratios match engine output for maximum performance
  • Compact, slipper clutch with assist.
    • reduces effects of engine braking allowing the rider to control corner entry speed more precisely, reducing lap times
    • provides optimum control (less rear wheel chatter) & improved suspension performance
    • assist function reduces clutch lever effort by up to 20%, improving rider stamina
    • quick access outer clutch cover for fast clutch servicing
  • O ring chain final drive.
    • easy to adjust
    • heavy duty O-ring chain offers excellent strength & durability
  • High capacity cooling system with electric cooling fan.
  • Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI).
    • produces a strong spark for fast starts
    • provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum performance at all rpms
  • Performance tuned exhaust system with cleanable spark arrestor.
    • tuned system for maximum power
    • spark arrestor prevents stray sparks from exiting the exhaust
  • Air Injection System (AIS) injects fresh air into exhaust ports to fully burn any unburnt fuel, reducing exhaust emissions.
  • Lightweight, combination cast aluminum & steel frame with "tuned" rigidity balance.
    • unit width is 1,240 mm or 48.8" wide, combining with a low seat height of 810 mm (31.9") for flat, stable handling
    • compact design provides nimble, responsive handling
    • engine is mounted low in the frame to reduce the centre of gravity & centralize mass for exceptional handling
    • rigidity balance maximizes handling & suspension performance. Frame is optimized to provide a balance of strength, rigidity & tuned flex.
  • Detachable aluminum rear subframe.
    • reduces weight
    • allows easier rear shock access
    • reduces costs in the event of damage
  • Lightweight aluminum swingarm.
    • reduces weight
    • excellent rear wheel traction & control
  • Fully adjustable, independent double wishbone front suspension with premium KYB piggyback shocks.
    • fully adjustable, long stroke KYB high pressure nitrogen charged piggyback shocks with dual rate springs & friction reducing Kashima coating
    • front shock adjustments include threaded spring preload, high speed compression damping, low speed compression damping & rebound damping
    • 250 mm (9.8") of front wheel travel
    • allows tailoring of suspension to suit rider weight, riding style & track conditions
  • Fully adjustable, single shock link-type rear suspension with premium KYB piggyback shock.
    • fully adjustable, long stroke KYB high pressure nitrogen charged piggyback shocks
    • rear shock adjustments include threaded spring preload, high speed compression damping, low speed compression damping & rebound damping
    • 280 mm (11") of rear wheel travel
  • Dual 161 mm front disc brakes squeezed by twin piston calipers.
    • pads feature wear indicator grooves for visual pad wear inspection
    • excellent braking power, feeling & control
    • adjustable front brake lever
  • 200 mm wave-style rear disc squeezed by twin piston caliper. Parking brake equipped.
    • wave design reduces weight & improves cooling (more surface area for better cooling)
    • pads feature wear indicator grooves for visual pad wear inspection
    • handlebar mounted parking brake lever
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum rims fitted with high performance MAXXIS tires.
    • rims feature rolled edges for additional strength & durability
    • tire design enhances steering precision, control & traction
    • optimized rim offsets enhance handling & stability
  • 10 litre fuel tank.
    • 3.4 litre reserve capacity (low fuel light illuminates)
  • Lightweight tapered aluminum handle bar.
    • excellent strength & durability
  • Adjustable handlebar holders offer a total of 4 different handlebar positions.
    • fore & aft adjustment with 30 mm range
    • suits wide variety of rider sizes & preferences
  • Keyed ignition for additional security
  • Compact LED warning indicators.
    • front body mounted LED warning indicators for; low fuel, coolant temp, engine trouble & neutral gear position
  • Aggressive, race oriented bodywork & special flat seat design.
    • race designed bodywork provides freedom of movement, good forward visibility & lots of knee room ... whether sitting or standing
    • seamless side shrouds prevent boots from snagging on bodywork
    • bodywork panels can be quickly removed for easier servicing & washing
  • Rugged composite under engine skid frame protection.
    • lightweight design reduces weight
    • skid plate allows unit to slide more easily over obstacles
  • Dual "cat eye" headlights & LED taillight with brake light.
    • dual "cat eye" 30 / 30 watt Krypton bulb headlights
    • single brilliant LED taillight with brake light
  • Extra wide 65mm (2.6") foot pegs with heel guards provide excellent grip.
  • Low maintenance, sealed battery (battery should be charged during extended storage).
    • sealed design means no leaks & never having to add distilled water



Sale Type
Yamaha Blue
Engine Size
1,270 mm (50.0'')
Ground Clearance
115 mm (4.5'') rear sprocket protector / 235 mm (9.3'') engine
Seat Height
810 mm (31.9'')
5-Speed with manual clutch
Final Drive
O-ring chain
Liquid cooled, DOHC, 5-valve (titanium), single
Compression Ratio
11.8: 1
1,795 mm (70.7'')
1,240 mm (48.8'')
1,065 mm (41.9'')
Fuel Capacity
10 L (2.2 Imp. gal)
Bore And Stroke
95mm x 63.4mm
Fuel Delivery
Mikuni 42 mm throttle body F.I.
Ignition / Starting
TCI / Electric