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2019 Polaris 800 Switchback Adventure

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Chase The Freedom You Were Born For

The Switchback Adventure® snowmobile is a sled designed for on- and off-trail riders looking for the ultimate in versatility. Easily install the passenger seat for 2-up touring. The sled also comes standard with cargo rack and saddle bags for hauling gear on long journeys.

Rider Balanced® Control

By placing the rider in the right location on the sled, we've built a sled that corners flat without sacrificing the fun factor of lifting the front end through the bumps or powder. More precise handling both on- and off-trail.
AXYS® Chassis

The AXYS® chassis design is the key to delivering rider balanced control through the right rider positioning and centralized vehicle mass. The rider's hand position is moved 4.5" forward, the feet position is 2" forward, the knee position is 4.5" forward, and the seat is 4.5" forward. This means more bite for flatter cornering when in the neutral riding position and a lighter front end for climbing on top of the snow or the moguls when the rider shifts to the back of the sled.
PRO-XC® Rear Suspension

The PRO-XC® Rear Suspension is optimized for the best performance and Rider Balanced® Control. Through innovative engineering, the suspension is both lighter and stronger and features: lightweight, forged aluminum rear crank and a front torque arm moved rearward to control pitch, increased travel, and improved rail profile.
Lightweight Design

When developing the AXYS® platform, our engineers minimized weight throughout the sled without compromising strength or durability.
Liberty® Engine Choices for Every Rider

Built to integrate seamlessly with the lightweight and agile Polaris® chassis, Liberty® engines feature class-leading power-to-weight ratios and set a new benchmark for ultimate performance with our complete line-up of powerful options.

Unrivaled Acceleration

When developing the AXYS® platform, our engineers minimized weight throughout the sled without compromising strength. Combined with powerful engines and class-leading power-to-weight ratios, the Switchback Adventure® gives you the best go-anywhere versatility.

Rider-Centric Comfort

With ergonomic controls, integrated storage, enhanced wind protection, and industry-first LED headlights and gauge packages, comfort is woven directly into the AXYS® platform's design.
Adventure® Cargo System

No two rides are ever the same, why should your sled be? Planning a high mileage, multi-day trip? Mount the saddlebags and bring everything you need. Only out for a day trip? Load up the accessory rack bag with the essentials. AXYS® Performance Seat

The AXYS® Performance seat utilizes a high-performance seat foam, and the seat design is narrower in front to provide greater maneuverability. The seat is lighter without compromising comfort. The seat top features a gripper material that helps keep the rider in place.


800 Switchback Adventure
Sale Type
Matte Titanium
Engine Size
795 cc
Person Capacity
Disc Brake Type
AXYS® Radial
Drive System Type
Bore X Stroke (mm)
85 mm x 70 mm
Fuel Capacity (Litres)
12 gal (45.4 L)
Overall Height (in /mm )
49 in (124.5 cm)
Overall Width (in /mm )
47 in (119.4 cm)
Fuel System
Cleanfire® Injection
Clean-Fire 3D
Electric Start